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Your Gateway to Athens' Best

Living at Park at Athens Hillside places you in the vibrant core of Athens, where the energy of UGA’s academic life blends seamlessly with the city’s rich cultural offerings.

Just a short drive from campus, you’re perfectly positioned to dive into all that Athens has to offer. From the iconic venues and buzzing nightlife of Downtown Athens to the natural beauty of Oconee Forest Park, every day is an opportunity for new experiences. Plus, with shopping essentials nearby at College Station Shopping Center, convenience is part of the package.

Park at Athens Hillside is a gateway to a dynamic, enriching student lifestyle in the heart of Bulldog Nation.

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Athens and UGA: A Fusion of Culture and Learning

Where Student Life Meets Diverse Experiences

Athens and UGA together offer a vibrant, enriching environment for students. This lively city, steeped in academic prowess and cultural diversity, provides a wide array of experiences, ranging from university events to local cultural adventures, ensuring an exciting student life.

UGA: Academic Excellence in a Lively Atmosphere

A Campus Buzzing with Life and Learning

The University of Georgia (UGA) is a cornerstone of Athens, pulsating with academic and cultural energy. Beyond its prestigious educational programs, UGA is celebrated for fostering a lively community spirit. The campus is alive with diverse cultural festivals, art exhibitions, and student-led initiatives, creating a rich tapestry of experiences. UGA’s student life is vibrant and engaging, offering many clubs and organizations that cater to many interests and passions, making it a fertile ground for personal and academic growth.

The University of Georgia (UGA), established in 1785, is renowned for its expansive research initiatives and diverse academic offerings, contributing significantly to public higher education. The university spans multiple campuses, with its main campus at Athens enhancing its vibrant academic landscape.

UGA Standouts:

  • Oldest state-chartered university in the U.S.
  • Renowned for expansive research initiatives.
  • Member of the elite “Public Ivies” group.
  • Hosts a wide array of academic programs in 17 schools and colleges.
  • Features strong athletic programs, including the celebrated Georgia Bulldogs.

Athens: Where History Meets Modern Lifestyle

Experience a City Alive with Culture and Community

Athens, Georgia, home to the University of Georgia, is more than just a college town; it’s a dynamic blend of history, culture, and modern vitality. Known for its rich music scene and cultural depth, Athens provides a unique setting for student life. The city’s downtown area buzzes with activity, offering an array of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Nature lovers can enjoy the outdoor activities Athens offers, and the city’s cultural diversity shines through its many festivals, galleries, and music venues.

Athens Essentials:

  • Historic yet contemporary city with a vibrant music scene.
  • The downtown area is bustling with unique shops and local cafes.
  • An array of outdoor activities, including hiking and scenic explorations.
  • Rich cultural diversity showcased in various festivals and artistic venues.
  • Strong community vibe, enhancing the overall living experience.