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Park at Athens Hillside is the ideal choice for student living near the University of Georgia. We prioritize a balanced environment that fosters academic focus and personal development. Our commitment to quality and support creates a living experience that parents and students both appreciate.

We care about all aspects of a student’s college life.


Ideal Location. Comprehensive Amenities.

At Park at Athens Hillside, our primary goal is to provide a living space that’s not just comfortable but also conducive to a vibrant student lifestyle.

Located just a short distance from the University of Georgia, our property is perfectly positioned for students who value proximity to their academic environment.

Our offerings include thoughtfully designed four-bedroom apartments, available with two to four bathrooms, ensuring maximum comfort for our residents.

To further enhance the university experience, we feature a roommate matching service, connecting students with similar academic interests and social preferences.

During both the leasing and application processes, we emphasize clear and honest communication with parents and guarantors, underscoring our dedication to trust and transparency in all our interactions.


Big Living, Smart Pricing at Park at Athens Hillside

At Park at Athens Hillside, we believe that living well shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. That’s why we’ve created a living space where affordability meets quality, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on comfort or convenience. Our competitively priced apartments offer the best of both worlds – modern amenities and comfortable living spaces, all within a budget that works for students. Imagine having a vibrant, well-equipped home that supports your academic journey without stretching your finances.

Here, you’ll discover that affordable living can still be rich in style, comfort, and community spirit. Join us at Park at Athens Hillside, where your budget is respected and your living experience is valued.


Five Great Reasons to Join Us

Thinking about making Park at Athens Hillside your new off-campus home? We’re excited to share why we think you’ll love it here.


Right Where You Want to Be

Our location is just perfect for UGA students. Forget about those long commutes – here, you’re in the middle of all the action, just a short drive from your classes, the library, and all the campus buzz.


Value That Makes You Smile

We believe in giving you great quality without the hefty price tag. Get ready to enjoy top-notch services and amenities that are kind to your wallet. It’s all about getting more for less!


Apartments That Feel Like Home

From cozy bedrooms for those study nights to kitchens ready for your cooking adventures. It’s your own comfy space, tailored for student life.


Amenities That Rock

Student life is about balance, and our amenities are here to make your life both fun and convenient. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a chill-out champion, we’ve got something for everyone.


Community Vibes

Joining Park at Athens Hillside means becoming part of a vibrant, friendly community. It’s a place where friendships bloom, ideas merge, and memories are made. Get ready for a living experience that’s as lively and dynamic as you are!

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